Video Production & Studio Broadcast with Mr. Smith


     Here is a brief overview of the classes I teach at BHS.  The disclosures are located on the DOCUMENTS page and you need only to print and sign the last page along with your son or daughter.


-Video Production 1. 

     In this class you will be learning the basics of audio, lighting, cameras, and video editing to produce 4 videos.  Previews video, Public Service Announcement video, Music video, and an audio project using audio special effects. 

     At the same time, you will be introduced to the basics of a television news broadcast and what it takes to produce one.

-Video Production 2. 

     In this class you will be learning advanced camera operation, editing techniques, and special effects including green screen.  Videos made in this class include green screen, matting, public service announcement, music video, and a "how to" video to name a few.

-Laker TV is our Laker Waves News and Sports production class.

     This class produces a weekly news and sports cast called the Laker Waves.  Students will learn how to gather information and present it as a news cast in our studio.  There are various positions in this class including director, camera operator, audio mixer, and anchors to name a few.

-Digital Media

    This is a year long class that introduces students to the world of creating things on computers using 5 different pieces of software.  We will be covering the manipulation of pictures and creating cartoons from a picture of the student, creating an audio podcast, creating a "coming attraction" video, creating a 2d animation, plus a few more surprises.